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artroom21 – besides.the art project show +++ artroom21 – besides.the art project show +++ artroom21 – besides.the art project show ++

Next Event:

28. ARTfair Innsbruck 

October 25th - 27th, 2024

For artists without gallery representation, there is the opportunity to apply for the curated exhibition project "artroom21"!

who we are

As early as 2011, art fair organizer Johanna Penz founded the stationary gallery artroom21 in Innsbruck and organized many exhibitions and vernissages. As the demand from artists to take part in ARTfair Innsbruck grew, she initiated the curated exhibition project artroom21 - besides.the art project show.

This made it possible for personally selected, outstanding artists to present art in their own booth at the ARTfair Innsbruck under this project name. Only unique items or limited, signed editions are permitted.

Our services – what you as an artist get from us:

Organization of curated exhibitions with the project name "artroom21 - besides.the art project show" at the international ARTfair Innsbruck for selected artists without gallery representation

Presentation of top-class positions in contemporary art

Perfect support from us, the professionals on the art market since 2011

On this page you will find all the relevant information for your participation.

Contact us at any time if you have any further questions!


Tel: 0043 512 567 101

Conditions of Participation ARTfair Innsbruck 2024 - "artroom21"
Registration deadline: July 1, 2024


The application/registration is carried out exclusively by submitting the ARTfair Innsbruck registration form "artroom21".
Your documents will be checked and curated by an independent committee of ARTfair Innsbruck according to international admission criteria. 

For detailed questions or individual offers, please contact us at

Booth sizes from 15m². Ask us about the currently available stand sizes!

Register/apply now!

Previous events - selection

27th ARTfair Innsbruck | October 27-29, 2023

Our featured artists

Bergsmann Maria Anna

Bitschnau Silvia

Bollerhoff Barbara

Carlguth Frank

Hödl Norbert

Kaiser Julia

Klingler-Kerer Judith (Judith K)

Lind Eva

Nindl Boryana

Oberlaender Harriet

Rangger Richard

Sora Kirk

Wachinger Hein (wachingerhein)

Weiss Traudi

26th ARTfair Innsbruck | October 2022

Our featured artists

Bergsmann Maria-Anna 

Botz Claudia 

Driendl Thomas

Domenig Angelika

Kaiser Julia

Kaminski Paul

Myrttinen Sanna

Nörl Florian

Rose Olivia

Schiwon Michel

Schodterer Karoline

Wachinger Hein

Welti Thomas

Noack Fabio
Rehrl Martin

Lutter Renate