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From the beginning, for ARTfair Innsbruck it's very important to organize an interesting side programme with added value for exhibitors and the public at the opening and during the fair days.


In addition to professional guided tours for visitors, informative art discussions, charity events, curated performances and ARTfair specials, the traditional top-class special show is also a magnet for art lovers.


Sonderschau Überblick


ARTfair Special  2023
University of Pécs/Hungary – Faculty of Music and Fine Arts


The Faculty of Music and Fine Arts of the University of Pécs is primarily characterized by the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, which is unique among Hungarian universities. This concept emphasizes the diversity of art, the thoughts of the exhibited works and the various technical solutions. The leading professors, students and artists of the faculty from the fields of painting, sculpture, ceramic art, graphic design and electric media art, will present their works. Traditional and renewed techniques will be presented in the exhibited works.

In the courses of the Institute of Music you can study classical music, but in the near future will also be offered the study of jazz. For some, certain directions of contemporary music are "too modern, difficult to understand and perceive". The University of Pécs would like to refute this prejudice with the music pieces to be performed and in professional performance. The musical world of the contemporary compositions - keeping the music-historical traditions at the same time - feeds on the spirit of the present, the social phenomena and the questions of everyday life are taken up as themes.

The musical program will focus on works by 20th and 21st century Hungarian and international composers in the performance of chamber groups. The groups will musically reflect with improvisations on the paintings, sculptures and installations exhibited by the faculty.


Modern dance is a new field in the educational portfolio of the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, but its origin goes back 60 years, to the foundation of the "Pécsi Balett"-s (Pécs Ballet). Their performance transforms the sensations, mood of music and the exhibited works into movement.

The installation of the Chair of Design is connected with the anniversary "Petőfi 200". Sándor Petőfi was one of the most important poets of the reform era, had an important role during the Hungarian Revolution and the War of Independence 1948-49. Hungary dedicates to him, on the occasion of his birth 200 years ago, programs throughout the year.

One of the most important places of the social meetings was the café. Connected to the "Reform Time" circle of thoughts of "Petőfi 200", further interacting with the planned theme of gastronomy, the University of Pécs would like to present the installation "Café" at ARTfair Innsbruck 2023.
The stand of the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts must be imagined as the "world of a café", which is the central inspiration of a special absurd artistic expression. From this basic aspect the University of Pécs introduces itself and the artistic ideas will connect to it. In the realization, integrations can be seen that worthily represent the spirituality of the professors and students. It is a simple starting point, but it offers many possibilities of association.

The scene of a café, as a meeting place for social life, for artists and intellectuals, allows the liberating connection between existence or presence and the actually distant scene. It is particularly interesting to reflect on a distant place that no longer physically exists in the present time. In this sense, it can appear as a more visual evidence in modern form, which justifies the liberation and the representation. The University of Pécs reflects on the attractive parallel of everyday life, which makes the eternal existence of the Young Men of March (designation of young men in the revolution in 1848) tangible in our everyday life.

What is creativity and what connects art with gastronomy and general art, according to Ákos Lokodi - among others - can be explained with two quotes:

"Creativity is the greatest existing rebellion. If you want to create something, you have to let go of all the conviction raised in you, otherwise your creativity will be no different than a copy, just an indigo swipe. You can be creative only if you have a personality." Osho

"There is no creativity controlled by rules. (...) If we look for rules in creativity, it is as if we wanted to separate the mind from the body." Frank Herbert

One could list all the keywords that ever influenced gastronomy and art, for example "playfulness" "humor", "humility", "perseverance", "renewal", "proportionality" and so on.
The gastronomic concept presented in ARTfair can be described with three words: "creativity - proportionality - reinvention".
How else could #the mostly characteristic ingredients of the Hungarian cuisine be shown, especially on the international stage, when the artworks of a fresh faculty, ready to reinvent itself, charged with creative energy, trying to complement with gastronomy on an international level?

"I believe that with proper openness, we not only become more tolerant, but also richer."

Ákos Lokodi - creative chief

Uni Pécs





Artist of the year 2023
Michel Friess, presented by Art-Gallery am Hofsteig, Wolfurt-AT




"Michel Friess is currently one of the most successful and important German and international Pop Art artists. In addition to countless awards and art prizes (e.g. the International Leonardo Da Vinci Prize, the Frida Kahlo Prize, the International Art Prize New York and many more), he was awarded the "Oscar of the art scene" - " THE GLOBAL ART AWARD 2020" - in Shanghai in November 2020. - 1st place in the Mixed Media / Graffiti category. He has thus finally become the most successful representative of German Contemporary Pop Art. Michel Friess' works can now be found in over 70 renowned galleries. His international breakthrough came in 2016. From Shanghai and Singapore to Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. His works now hang alongside the great pop art icons such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and Banksy in international galleries.

Born in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in the summer of 1970, Michel Friess was already interested in art at a young age, especially street art. He was already a graffiti artist on his skateboard at the age of 16 and, after a long break, dedicated himself to pop art in 2008. He entered the professional art world a short time later with portrait works for celebrities. 

Michel Friess produces his outstanding and elaborate unique pieces entirely by hand in his studio in Kaiserslautern in southwest Germany. His wife Mel assists him. His dedication to detail is unmistakable. His pictures tell stories, they capture the viewer and his thoughts and there is always something new to discover. His works are created using complex techniques such as painting, the use of spray cans, hand screen printing, paint rollers, wild splashes of paint, as well as the use of iconic newspapers, posters, rare comic books and much more, which make each work of art absolutely unique. Michel Friess produces each work to order and individually as a one-off in his loft studio in Kaiserslautern - a former file factory from the 1950s. The spirit and flair of his almost legendary workshop is reflected in many of his works and motifs. Many well-known personalities have already visited him on his premises.

The artist attaches great importance to complete craftsmanship. His unique works are mainly created using hand screen printing, whereby each individual screen is made by himself from wood and covered by hand. This is a very laborious method, as he sometimes uses over 20 different screens per picture.

With his mixed technique of hand screen printing, painting, airbrushing with a spray can and paper collages, he creates works in which the dedication and attention to detail are clearly visible and tangible in each of his works. The fact that Michel Friess loves what he does is unmistakable - a clear signature."

(Popart-Gallery, Ralph Barlog)

Artist of the year


The artistic possibilities of 3D digital technology
by Atila Atila